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Wallaby Boats GmbH

about the company

The Wallaby Boats GmbH is a ship building company founded in 2020 with the main purpose of building the Wallaby Boats between 14 and 18 meters of length. The company is based in Kappeln (Germany) and is using production facilities in Bremen, Nortorf and Olpenitz for the WB-18. The WB-14 will be produced in Olpenitz (Germany), Nortorf (Germany) and Fåborg (Denmark). Wallaby Boats GmbH is 98% owned by OFFCON GmbH and 2% owned by employees. OFFCON GmbH is privately owned by Capt. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.Harald Hübner.

The Wallaby Boats Logo

The name and the logo is a contribution to the DNA of the Nauti-Craft suspension system, coming from Western Australia. When we have visited Nauti-Craft in 2015, we have had some beautiful encounters with wallabys which we remembered when looking for an name and a logo for our new company. The wallaby on the waves is nicely displaying and combining what makes the boats:

  • Australian origin
  • two strong legs
  • dynamically adjusting to the waves

The colors selected are the colors of OFFCON, Nauti-Craft and the national colors of Australia.