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Where shall we build your next boat

Environmental and social aspects are the drivers!

Mainly as a result of our social- and environmental policy we produce your boats as close to the market as possible. We understand the necessity of local content and strive to find production partners close to the end client or main area of operation. In addition this supports end clients in tenders with a protective policy like the Jones Act or even some European countries protect their local labor. Let us know, where you want your boat built and we see if we have a production partner in your area. The map shows our focal areas in the world: Europe, Northamerica and the APAC region.

Nauti-Craft (Australia)

Suspension Design

Nauti-Craft is the developer of the suspension system integrated in the Wallaby Boats. NC is designing the suspension and provides the required software solutions.

Hitzler Werft GmbH

Wallaby Boats GmbH has selected the Hitzler Werft GmbH, Lauenburg (Germany) as production partner for metal construction.

Maritime A-Services GmbH

Maritime A-Services GmbH supplies the complete range of services required for the planning and construction of the Wallaby-18. The scope includes the preparation of all planning and calculation documents required for approval. MAS accompanies the entire production process by supplying the necessary production documents including detailed construction supervision and line production improvement. Modern CAD software is used for the preparation of the documentation.

TUCO Marine ApS

Wallaby Boats and TUCO Marine have established a strategic partnership for the production for most of the Wallaby-14 and the chassis for the Wallaby-15/16. TUCO is an expert in composite construction from carbon or glass and very experienced in daughter craft development, construction and building.

Rohwer Metallbau GmbH

Rohwer Metallbau is producing all mechanical parts of the suspension system. Rohwer Metallbau is also installing the hydraulic package and connects the complete suspension system to the boats.

Thitronik Marine

Thitronik Marine is participating as consultant during the specification period, supplier and commissioning partner for the Navigation-, Communication and Nautical equipment.