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Wallaby Boats are all designed modular and come in a basic version as a "pick-up" with a flush deck and a fixed accommodation. The accommodation incorporates all essentials to operate the vessel safely and to accommodate the crew and three PAX.

Wind module

The "wind" module is focussing on the specific requirements of the offshore wind industry. It provides room for a total of 21 PAX (technicians). 18 in the module and 3 on jump seats in the cockpit area. Additionally, a light weight 10' container can be placed on the aft deck. The fore deck is equipped with room for tool-bags and spare parts. To be future safe, the WB-18 is prepared for laser assisted personnel lifting and provides a laser area as well as a landing area on the fore deck.

Pilot module

The pilot module provides full comfort for pilot operations. In this module, pilots have their separate resting area including two small cabins for power naps. The module provides direct access to the ECDIS with AIS signals and radar screen. Pilots have their standard pilot plug available and two marine VHF radios for their exclusive use.

"max PAX" module

The max PAX module is designed on special request of a military client. The total number of PAX is 51. 48 in the module and 3 on jump-seats in the cockpit area.

Medical Emergency Response Service

All WB can be equipped to be used as MERS-Boats

All Wallaby Boats can be equipped with an ambulance module. The equipment installed depends on Clients' requirements.

Especially for medical appliances we will provide the boats with an amphibious kit for remote beach access.

LARS and A-Frames

ROV, AUV or Towed Devices

The basic pick-up version and the standard module can be used in combination with an A-frame or a LARS. The pictures show the pick-up version with an A-LARS by Kraken.

Diver Support and Crane

For diver support in shallow diving operations (up to 30m water depth), an optional diving ladder module is available. It's installed on various twist-lock positions to be folded in and out with little effort and it can be stored easily. The picture shows the operational set-up and the folded in position for short transit. For longer transit or storage, the ladder can be reduced to a floor space of 0,96 square meters.

The crane module is very flexible and can be installed on any of the twist lock positions on the fore- or aft deck on either side of the boat.

Operation in ice

If operation in ice is required, the client needs to express this at an early stage. The Wallaby-18 will all be capable of operating in broken ice i.a.w. the Baltic Ice Code. Other ice-class options include following notations:

  • Finnish-Swedish: II
  • ABS: LU1
  • DNVGL: E or ICE-C

Smaller versions may be built from other materials that would possibly prevent operation in ice.

LARS and single point hoisting

Wallaby Boats has developed a special single point hoisting equipment to launch and recover the WB-14 (and possibly also WB-16 and WB-18), which adjusts itself to various centre of gravity and allows touchless operation with minimal crew. Details will be published after the patent is registered.