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ES Report Wallaby Boats GmbH


The UN SDGs are sustainable development goals of the United Nations. More precisely, they are 17 goals formulated to ensure social peace and economic prosperity for all living beings. ​
They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.​ These goals underline our basic attitude and motivate us to constantly improve which is why they will accompany you through this report. ​

Goal 3 - Good Health And Well-Being

The "Sicher mit System" seal of approval from the German Transport Employers' Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr) certifies that the requirements for systematic occupational health and safety are met and implemented in accordance with the NLF/ILO-OSH 2011 guidelines for occupational health and safety management systems and the requirements of DIN ISO 45001:2018-06.

Goal 4 - Quality Education

We are convinced that education is the basis of a motivated and innovative team. 
Therefore, we verify all our employees to take part of all kinds of trainings.
Either internal and external trainings keep our team focused and curious at the same time.

Goal 6 - Clean Water And Sanitation

100% of the freshwater needed on board of the Wallaby Boats is produced by the onboard seawater desalination system. This has the advantage that we only have to carry a small amount of water, which in turn saves fuel and at the same time makes us independent of port logistics, as well as conserving resources. Our ships are equipped with a small sewage treatment plant, which clarifies the waste water in a biological way by bacteria. The facilities are so good that they are approved by the IMO and allow the overboard discharge of treated water at any time, even in port. This means that we do not discharge untreated wastewater into the sea, even in places where this would be permitted under MARPOL.

Goal 7 - Affordable And Clean Energy

2021 we started a continual improvement process and adapted our risk 
assessment. As a result, we installed a PV system with 13.455kWp and a home storage with 9.9kWh as a control measure on the roof.​
The battery has a cell chemistry LiFePO4. This is currently the battery with the lowest environmental impact. 
It is without cobalt, silicon, manganese and nickel.​

Goal 8 - Decent Work And Economic Growth

The satisfaction and further development of our team is very important to us.​

For this reason, we have developed measures to safeguard these principles. These include making communication in the team as transparent as possible, as well as health in the workplace. We have achieved a specific goal aimed at this: Since 1.10.2021 we are ISO 45001 certified!

Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

We believe, that a diverse and flexibil team is more successful and open mindet for innovative ideas, than a conservative structured team. Therefor we foster equal opportunities for everyone. Bearing this in mind, we take into consideration all differences in our team - especially age, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, ethnicity, religion and worldview, as well as marital status and personal preference.

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption And Production

We constantly try to lower the energy consumption of the OFFCON Group. Therefore we keep an eye on our behavior every day. Not only to consume less, but also to use 100% renewable Energy. 

We also set goals to improve our behavior each year.
The graph on the left shows the development of consumption and production.

Goal 13 - Climate Action

The ship is equipped with an extensive PV system, which replaces the operation of a generator when the sun is shining. In combination with the energy management system and the central environmentally friendly LFP battery, the ship thus meets the requirements for the "Hybrid Power plus" class mark.

The PV system can produce as much as 5,7kW peak, which is almost twice of what the hydraulic system for the suspension consumes during transit.

Goal 14 - Life Below Water

100% coverage of freshwater demand by our installed  Seawater desalination.
Sewage treatment system for a conscious approach to our environment.
Self sufficiency - the installed Photovoltaic Facility will ensure to be independant during a stay in harbour. Conventional antifouling has a very poisoning impact on the ecosystem.
Therefore, we have intensively searched for a less harmful alternative.
A skin that is so smooth that no micro-organisms can attach to the WB-18 hull, a nano-coating, seems to be the best option. In this way, no chemicals are discharged into the sea.



Goal 15 - Life On Land

Since we aim to be a sustainable company, we certainly reduce our driven miles to a minimum.
Due to Home Office we save about 89.430 driven kilometers per year. This saves about 20.144 kg CO2.
3 of our 6 cars are electrically driven and powered by our own photovoltaic facility.

Goal 16 - Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions

As a solution of all the topics above we strive to get a ‚Blue Angel‘ certificate for the WB-18.