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beautyful performance with hybrid solution and energy recovery - what else do we need?

The Wallaby-24 is our latest design of a high performance catamaran that can be used as an economically sized CTV for near shore OWF or on far offshore OWF in combination with a Service and Operation Vessels (SOV), as they will be used e.g. on Dogger Bank offshore wind farms or in further out parts of the German sector etc.. As a result to its rather small dimensions for a high performing CTV, supported by the energy recovery system the Wallaby-24 is a powerful yet economic vessel. Passenger comfort, economy and carbon footprint of the WB-24 are stunning. It compares in wave performance to 30m and larger catamarans but CAPEX, OPEX and carbon footprint are significantly lower (50%-60%) at same or even better wave performance. The WB-24 is suited with accommodation sleeping four crew members thus allows for highes flexibility in dispatch location and even for several days at sea.

The WB-24 will be equipped with the patented energy recovery ststem and a twin engine plus hybrid propulsion, using the wave energy to support the diesel main engines. This arrangement provides for optimum combination of diesel and electrical propulsion in any situation of operation. During loitering the vessel can operate fully electric, supported by the rather small generators on demand.

Main Particulars of WB-24

Length over All = 24,30 m appr. with Fender
Length in Water Line = 23,10 m
Beam over All = 9,00 m with Fender
Draft = 2,30 m appr. @Prop
Displacement = tbd t @CWL
Crew = 4
PAX = 24
Fore Deck = ca. 60m2


The displayed drawings do not show the latest state of development to protect our IP.

General Arrangement

The general arrangement of the WB-24 is still under development. The following drawings offer a basic idea of the final result.

The displayed drawings do not show the latest state of development to protect our IP.