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Wallaby Boats are boats with a suspension system

Nauti-Craft® Suspension System

The core difference of the Wallaby Boats to "normal" catamarans is the separation of hulls and chassis. The hulls are individually connected to the chassis, allowing free movement of each hull for wave compensation. The reduction of motion and acceleration is unprecedented.

Suspended vs fixed

See the stunning difference in vertical motion during transit. When docking at an offshore wind turbine foundation, the active bow-height-control mode of the system keeps the bow fender at a constant height at the boat landing. This mode is not active in the shown simulation.

Family design to optimize for client requirements

Our clients focus on different applications. E.g.:

  • daughter craft for offshore wind
  • CTV for offshore wind
  • small cargo for O&M in offshore wind
  • pilot transfer operations
  • research
  • surveys
  • UXO operations
  • ROV operations
  • diving operations
  • fish farming

All applications have their special requirements, which lead to a family of various sizes of boats.

Modularity for best flexibility

Based on the above mentioned, the Wallaby Boats are designed modular to a high level.

Each size of Wallaby Boats is based on the so called "pick-up" version. The basic boat, fully operational.

Clients' operational requirements are suited by adding modules. Modules may be:

  • PAX-modules seating different amount of persons
  • PAX-modules including small cabins in addition to PAX-seats
  • A-frame
  • crane
  • others

Modularity leaves open room for applications.