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Our Team

Partner - Managing Director

Eike Kristian Höper

Eike is an expert in business administration and has a BBA from the DHSH (Duale Hochschule Schleswig-Holstein).
He has been appointed MD based on his experiance as CFO combined with a history in the controlling and administration in larger business organizations. His strong naval background combined with his industrial and economic skills is a benefit.


Partner - Business Development

Harald Hübner

Harald is a Master Mariner with excellent market knowledge and a very good network within the offshore industry. He has been involved in the Wallaby Boats since May 2015, when Steffen (technical) and Harald visited Nauti-Craft in Dunsbury (Australia) for a test ride on the 8,5m demonstrator.
Harald is deeply involved in the concept development of the various Wallaby-Boats and their modules. Coming from the Navy and aeronautical industry he is high-tech focussed on performance and safety.

T: +49 171 6407171


Partner - Class / Flag Coordinator

Benjamin Schmoll

Benjamin is a Master Mariner. He has many years of experience as a Nautical Superintendent. He is coordinating client requirements with Class and Flag rules.



Achim Fölster

Achim is a Baltic Business Angel who has invested in the Wallaby-Boats GmbH and supports the Management team in the operation and development of the young business.

Project Coordinator Wallaby-18 Prototype

Walter Thomsen

Walter is a ship building expert. His early background is Dipl-Ing. of Physics. For many years, he has been working in design and development of the German submarines. We value his vast project management skills and experience.


Naval Architect

Martin Gohmann

Martin is an experienced naval architect and responsible for the detailed design and finite element checks. His focus is on sufficient strength of the structure to support the suspension system and at the same time optimize weight.


Christian Durow

Christian is a naval architect and has three decades shipbuilding experience. We value his knowledge in industrial engineering as well as serial production. In the team his focus is the preparation of the serial production and production management. Christian is working part time with us. The other half he is working as a professor at the university in Kiel for naval architecture.


Marc Oliver von Ahlen

Marc Oliver is a naval architect. He is specialized on small, high performance craft. He is contracted to the Wallaby projects to design hydrodynamically performing hulls and functional interior.

Launch and Recovery System

Tim Müller

We have 'borrowed' Tim recently from our partner company Kongstein GmbH to support us in filing some patents in connection with the LARS for the daughter craft and to develop explanatory basic design drawings of the single point hoist LARS. Tim is an experienced naval architect with several years of experience in the offshore wind industry. We are glad to have him on board to shorten the timeline to show potential clients what we are planning to do.


Steffen Staudenmaier

Steffen has his roots in the automotive industry and has been working in the development department of Daimler Benz in Stuttgart for many years. Right from the start of the Wallaby project, Steffen has been involved. He has tested the 8,5m demonstrator in Dunsbury (Australia) together with Harald in 2015.


Training Captain Offshore (TCO)

Ralf Tewes

Ralf is an ex German Navy officer with many years of nautical experiance on varios types and sizes of ships. From pilot boats through heavy lift vessels to DP2 jack-up vessels he has worked as trainer. Ralf has been the head of the Sea Academy of Beluga Shipping for several years. During the development phase Ralf contributes his experience to the project to optimize the vessel for the multi purpose operations.

Legal Advisor

Dr. Friederike Hübner

Friederike is our external legal advisor. She is specialized in contract- and corporate law.

Email   visit Friederikes law office homepage 

Accounting & Administration

Susanne Urbschat

Susanne is our internal accountant and our general contact and administrator.

T: +49 4642 924070

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