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press release 21. April 2021, FID

Vessel will be built in Kiel (GER)

The innovative and newly set up ship builder Wallaby Boats GmbH (WB), based in Kappeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, has decided in the investment to build the world’s first crew transfer vessel/daughter craft (CTV/DC) with a suspension system. The demonstrator “WB-18 Wind”, will be an 18 meter vessel equipped with the ‘WB wind-module’ in order to act as a CTV in the offshore wind industry. The wind-module can be modified to sit and optionally sleep a variable number of industrial personnel. 

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press release 15. February 2021

Wallaby Boats GmbH hat einen neuen Investor gewonnen

Die Wallaby Boats GmbH hat mit Achim Fölster einen neuen Investor aus dem Kreis der Baltic Business Angels Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (BBA) gewonnen. Herr Fölster wird sich - neben seinem Kapital - mit seinem Knowhow und Netzwerk aktiv mit einbringen. “Das engagierte Team und die Perspektive in dem Projekt haben mich überzeugt und ich freue mich darüber, den wirtschaftlichen Erfolg mitgestalten zu können“ (Achim Fölster, BBA). "Das aktive Engagement eines Business Angel ist ein wichtiges Zeichen für unsere weiteren Finanzpartner und ein bedeutender Schritt für die anstehende Umsetzung des Projektes!" (Eike Kristian Höper, GF)

press release 24. August 2020, Tuco Marine

Tuco Marine from Denmark have been appointed production partner for German Wallaby Boats

Wallaby Boats is introducing Workboats and Daughter Crafts designs based on suspension technology developed by Nauti-Craft.
Tuco Marine is production partner to Wallaby Boats on the WB-14 a designated offshore Wind Daughter Craft (DC) for offshore wind service vessel (OSV), and Service Operation Vessels (SOV).

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press release 14. August 2020, Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register supports OFFCON GmbH with their innovative Offshore Service Catamarans

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has signed an agreement with OFFCON GmbH to approve their new design for the prototype of an Aluminium Catamaran as Offshore Wind Industry Service Workboat.
The design concept is based on an innovative suspension system from the Australian Nauti Craft PTY, connecting both hulls and the platform deck to significantly reduce response amplitudes in a seaway. The construction of the prototype as well as the serial production will be carried out by Wallaby Boats GmbH.

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press release 27. April 2020, Riviera Maritime Media

Nauti-Craft and OFFCON sign licence agreement for innovative offshore wind craft

Offcon has secured exclusive rights to manufacture vessels incorporating Nauti-Craft technology in Germany with the right to sell them worldwide. This exclusivity is for a finite period and is subject to meeting certain sales performance criteria.

Nauti-Craft has developed a range of craft using a hydraulic suspension system for multi-hulled vessels. The system separates the hulls from the superstructure which allows the hulls to react rapidly to wave input and conform to the sea surface without transmitting high forces and accelerations of the hulls to the deck and superstructure. This provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether the vessel is stationary or travelling at speed. The company says this allows smaller vessels to provide seakeeping typically only found in larger vessels while having the lower operating costs of a smaller vessel.

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press release 22. April 2020,

Nauti-Craft and OFFCON have entered into a development and license agreement

Nauti-Craft and OFFCON have entered into a developement and license agreement to introduce a new range of multi-purpose daughter craft for the offshore wind industry.

OFFCON has established a company to build the new range of vessels, called Wallaby Boats GmbH.

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press release 3. April 2020, OFFCON

Nauti-Craft and OFFCON enter into a development and license agreement

OFFCON GmbH and Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd have entered into a Development and License Agreement with the purpose of introducing a novel range of multi-purpose daughter craft to the offshore wind industry.

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